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Industrial Pre-Oxidized Fiber Felt Rolls High Temperature Resistant

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUAIYING
Certification: PFF
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Delivery Time: within 15days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200000m per month

Detail Information

Working Temperature: 900±50 / 2200℃ Thermal Conductivity(350C): 0.06~0.09W/m.k / 0.08~0.30W/m.k
Thermal Conductivity(1550C): 0.22~0.30W/m.k / 0.50~0.65W/m.k Carbon Content: ≥85% / ≥99.85%
Ash Content: ≥3000ppm / 500~1500ppm Bulk Density: 0.10~0.12g/cm3 / 0.08~0.10/cm3
Width: ≤160cm / ≤140cm Thickness: 3/5/8/10±0.5mm
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Fiber Felt Rolls High Temperature Resistant


Pre Oxidized Fiber Felt Rolls


Pre Oxidized Industrial Felt Rolls

Product Description

Pre-oxidized fiber felt, also known as pre-oxidized PAN (polyacrylonitrile) fiber felt, is a type of non-woven textile material made from pre-oxidized PAN fibers. PAN fibers are high-strength, high-modulus synthetic fibers that are commonly used in the manufacture of carbon fiber.


To create pre-oxidized fiber felt, the PAN fibers are first pre-oxidized, which involves heating the fibers in an oxygen-rich environment to convert them into a heat-stable state. The pre-oxidized fibers are then carded and needle-punched to create a non-woven felt fabric.


Pre-oxidized fiber felt has a number of desirable properties, including high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, and excellent chemical resistance. It is often used in high-temperature applications such as insulation in furnaces, boilers, and other industrial equipment. It can also be used as a filter medium in air and liquid filtration systems due to its high porosity and filtration efficiency.


Technical data:

Property Unit Carbon fiber felt Graphite fiber felt
Code Number -- PFF-900 PFF-2000
Working Temperature 900±50 2200
Thermal conductivity (350℃) W/m.k 0.06~0.09 0.08~0.30
Thermal conductivity (1550℃) W/m.k 0.22~0.30 0.50~0.65
Carbon Content % ≥85 ≥99.85
Ash Content ppm ≥3000 500~1500
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.10~0.12 0.08~0.10
Width cm ≤160 ≤140
Thickness mm 3, 5, 8, 10±0.5 3, 5, 8, 10±0.5


Pre-oxidized fiber felt, also known as carbon fiber felt, has several advantages:

  1. High temperature resistance: Pre-oxidized fiber felt can withstand high temperatures up to 2000°C, which is much higher than most other materials.
  2. Excellent thermal insulation: Due to its low thermal conductivity, pre-oxidized fiber felt is an excellent thermal insulator. It can be used in high-temperature applications to prevent heat loss.
  3. Chemical resistance: Pre-oxidized fiber felt is resistant to most chemicals, including acids, bases, and organic solvents. This makes it suitable for use in harsh chemical environments.
  4. Lightweight: Pre-oxidized fiber felt is very lightweight, making it easy to handle and install. It is also ideal for use in applications where weight is a critical factor.
  5. High strength and stiffness: Pre-oxidized fiber felt has high strength and stiffness, making it suitable for use in structural applications. It can be used to reinforce composites or as a standalone material.
  6. Corrosion resistance: Pre-oxidized fiber felt is highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in corrosive environments.
  7. Electrically conductive: Pre-oxidized fiber felt is electrically conductive, making it suitable for use in applications where electrical conductivity is required.

Overall, pre-oxidized fiber felt offers a unique combination of high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, chemical resistance, lightweight, high strength and stiffness, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity, making it a versatile material for a wide range of applications.

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